How To Turn Video Into article – 3 Methods

turn video into article
turn video into article

Hi, in this post, I will be showing you how to turn video into article to get unlimited content with a few easy steps. In total, there are going to be three techniques. I’m going to show you two of them will be free, and one paid method. If you see all these videos and you’re Wondering if I wish, there’s a way that you can take these videos and turn it into an article. Well, this post is for you. 

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First Method to turn a Video Into Article

The first step you will need to do is to enter your keyword into YouTube’s search bar. I’m using weight loss for men over 40. 

Then you want to filter right here and look for those with subtitles. You want to filter for Closed Captioning to get the best results. 

A quick disclaimer: You can get the transcripts or turn almost any video into an article using the text-to-speech engine that youtube has, But it’s not always accurate when you filter out for subtitles is the most precise method. 

Next, you want to go into your chrome extension and type in youtube transcriber. You want to add it to your chrome extension or brave or whatever you have. 

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You then want to pin it so you can always access it. The next step to turn video into article is you want to go back to the video that you would like the transcription for and you click on the icon and click on transcribe youtube video, then wait for it to load.  

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You can see two things wrong with the transcript. One is that it is in all caps. The other is there’s quite a bit of space between each one, so you will need to fix this before using it. 

To fix that, you can go into a tool called text fixer right and you can enter in your text and it will remove the space between each paragraph right so now it’s it has less space between each one .

2 2 How To Turn Video Into article - 3 Methods

I would then recommend everyone do is to use a grammar checker i use Grammarly to check for punctuation and errors. 

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Second Method To Turn Video Into Article

The second option requires that you to copy the the video link of the video that you want the transcript for. You will then need to go to a site called downsub.

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You would then paste the video url into the correct field and hit enter. 

You need to click download from here, and it will allow you to download the transcripts as a file. The transcripts can have the same problem as before. Mainly, lots of spaces and all caps text, so you just go ahead and process it Using text fixer.  

3rd Method to turn a Video Into Article

The third method is a paid method but by far it’s probably the easiest one because the only thing you have to do is go to your dashboard and enter in your video. You can check this site out here.

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You can enter it through a URL or upload the video file directly. You then need to select the language. Then you click on upload, and it will auto-generate your transcript using AI. 

I hope this post was helpful, and if you are interested in using ai tools to turn video into article or grow your small youtube channel, you can go ahead and check out my course that I’ve just completed. It’ll show you how to develop a small youtube channel and make money without monetization and use ai tools to create video Content and semi-automate everything. If you’re interested in that, please check it out here

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