What is Linux Operating System – Best Features of Linux operating System 2021


Linux Operating System

As you all know today’s era is the era of technology. Every day new gadgets or new devices are coming into the market. This has greatly improved our lifestyle. People are now using gadgets for everything. We can never deny the belief that electronic gadgets are the reason for the new revolution and we’ve got a lot of new things.

These gadgets are actually like the Mini Computer in which some set of instructions is inserted that how the device will work. The operating system is used to make these gadgets work. Now take any gadgets whether from mobile phones to cars and from supercomputers to home appliances. From the home desktop to the database server, the operating system is used in all these. There are many operating systems in the digital world such as Android, IOS, and Windows.

Apart from all these operating systems, there is another operating system that is used in electronic gadgets and the name of that operating system is Linux. We may not even know what it is but we are using it everywhere. It’s been more than 30 years since Linux was created. It came in 1990 and today is being used in almost every device.

linux 3 What is Linux Operating System – Best Features of Linux operating System 2021

Not many people know about Linux operating system. That’s why in today’s article we are going to talk about Linux so that you will get a complete guideline about Linux.

What is Linux Operating System?

First of all, we try to know what Linux is. Linux is also an operating system like Windows, Mac OS, and ios. The operating system is used to run any computer and it is the interface between the hardware. In which the user can easily interact with the computer. Not any software can work without an operating system.

It is free open-source software this means that anyone can modify Linux operating system coding and can use it for personal and commercial. Linux was created for the personal computer but later this operating system is also used in mobile phones, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and even maps. Linux is similar to the UNIX operating system and it is used the most in server computers.

linux 2 What is Linux Operating System – Best Features of Linux operating System 2021

Discovery of Linux Operating System

Now let’s talk about who created Linux and when? It is released under AT&T’s Laboratories General Public License. When Linus was a student at the University of Helsinki, he was making MINUX, a version of the UNIX operating system. When Linus and some users noticed that, this operating system can be improved even more by changing the MINIX operating system a little bit but they didn’t change it. This was the time when Linus decided to create his own operating system.

Linus was an expert in C programming so he started writing code in C programming. 95% of the Linux operating system code is written in C programming and he did the rest of the coding in assembly language. After writing the coding, Linus named this operating system by combining his first name and the UNIX.

Linux was designed according to the UNIX so that’s why many of its functionalities are similar to UNIX. Linux is a reliable operating system that provides good security features which keep the user’s file and data security like password protection and control access. 

Components of Linux Operating System

•          Hardware

•          Kernel

What is the work of these components and how these are proving to be beneficial, so let’s talk about it?


The first component is the hardware in which RAM, hard disc drive, and CPU work together for the Linux operating system.


Kernel directs interact with the internal hardware. Kernel system or application program is used to hide the low or level details of the hardware.

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