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What is Windows 365

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Hi. In this post, I want to tell you about Windows 365 and what it is and how you can use a cheaper alternative. So, with Windows 365 It’s basically windows in the cloud, it’s a window stored on a server where you can access it remotely. Whether you’re using an iPad, iPad or whether you’re using Android, you should be able to now use Windows on those devices. And if you can. You can also save stuff on a cloud or on your local device.

Who Will Benefite From Windows 365

I guess it’s good for people who need to travel and who need to work on the go, and they don’t want to bring a clink laptop or they want to buy two separate devices with three separate devices in order to get their work done, or they want a centralized hub for the personal stuff, or their work or for their team. It’s kind of niche, but here’s the thing,

Windows 365 Rumored Price

It’s expected to come out to around $30 a month, you know, and I guess. Windows has been trying to jump on the pay by the month bandwagon. And, you know, this is one way they’re doing it is by introducing windows 365 So hopefully that you know they’re hoping that people can jump on board and pay this monthly subscription, and, and just to use Windows 365 remotely I think it’s too nice to be able to force people to pay $30 a month for the service.

Cheaper Alterative To Windows 365 – Under Certain Conditions

Instead of using Windows 365 cloud PC and paying $30 a month, ( this is speculation hasn’t come out yet) but even at $30, a month, or even $20 a month, it’s still quite pricey. So my alternative would be to use a software called Splashtop. Now what Splashtop is, it’s a remote connection, software, and if you already have two devices such as a PC and an iPhone or a PC and a tablet, then there really is no need to purchase, you know another subscription to Windows, no cloud PC because if you use Splashtop you can now remotely connect to a Windows PC using an Android or Apple or iPad device, and basically any mobile device just like you would Windows PC but instead of, you know, accessing a computer that’s stored in the cloud somewhere on some corporate server you’re just accessing your own computer.

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The benefit to this is that you’re, you know, and not only is it cheaper but you can basically do more things because, at $30 a month, you’re probably gonna get, a really slow computer that is on the low end. This will probably force you to upgrade for more RAM or storage and a faster processor, but with Splashtop, If you have a decent PC that has a good processor, and a large hard drive, then you’re basically getting a really good deal, and you’re reusing what you already have, instead of having to purchase another subscription for service on top of your PC, mobile device, and tablet. With this method your basically using what you have in a smarter way.

How Does Splashtop Work

So the way Splashtop work for those of you who don’t know about it is, you would have to install it on your mobile device and you would have to install the software onto the PC that you would like to have remote access to. And there’s a free trial and the free trial is limited to, basically, your own Wi-Fi network.

Once you sign up and install the software onto your PC, you would have to then install it onto your mobile device and then connected to and from there you can basically remote control your PC as if you were there. Now there are some settings that you’d have to go through in order for this to work, but it’s not a painful setup, and it works really well.

Right now, if you want to, you know, access it remotely such as your, you know, at work and you don’t have access to your Wi-Fi at home, then you would need to upgrade to the pro version or personal version, and it’s called the Splashtop anywhere pack, and basically has it for iOS apps and Android and it costs just $5 per month, or 17, a year. I really hate when I do this 1699 But anyway, it’s $17 a year versus, you know, windows, potentially, $30, a month.

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Counter Argutements to Splashtop

Okay, you can argue that you don’t need to buy a PC for Windows 365 cloud pc. But with Splashtop, you need to have your own PC and I would argue, that if you did the math, and you basically pay $360 for a year. You can buy a fanless PC for $200 dollars, and connect it to your internet, and then have spent whatever is leftover on Splashtop anywhere access pack.

Yeah, it might be the same price of the first year but the second year around you’re only paying, you know $17 bucks a year versus Windows you’re still paying that $30 Every single month for another year. And on top of that, you don’t really know about the security, there’s always security breaches all the time on remote servers.

so I would recommend Splashtop for those of you who want to work on the go and want to access your Windows PC, and you want to use it in a pinch, but don’t want to have a be fully committed to a monthly service fee, You can try the free version of Splashtop to see how it works on your Wi-Fi. And then, if you like it, you just upgrade it to the yearly version for $17 a year, that’s much more affordable.

Donside To Splashtop Personal

The only downside to this access point right here and I’m not sure, it may be Windows 365 might have the same weakness is that it doesn’t have something called a microphone pass through. What I mean by that is if you’re, if you want to access, an app that has an audio function, such as I don’t know a recorder app on Windows on your Windows PC. There, there, you’d have to upgrade to a much different package, which is much more expensive than this. Okay, this year doesn’t have a microphone pass through so you cannot talk to your mobile device and have your Windows software, you know, remote PC recorded. That’s the only downside to this setup right here, I just want to point that out. So if that’s not a deal-breaker to you, then I would check it out for free you have nothing to lose and you can save yourself a good chunk of change.


I just wanted to put this information out there to help someone out and because I really hate monthly fees. I remember a time when you, purchase software and it was yours, and you didn’t have to constantly pay this monthly, and be a monthly financial slave to these companies and now everyone wants you to be committed to pay a monthly fee.

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