F*ck Fiverr The Dark Side Of Fiverr Success Stories – From a Level 2 5 Year Seller

Fiverr Sucks
Fiverr Sucks

Even though there are many Fiverr success stories on the internet here are several reasons why I think that working on Fiverr is very counterproductive in the long and short term.

For once, Fiverr is not very supportive of all of their sellers. The whole policy and design are meant to screw over sellers. And I’ll show you why as a five-year seller and a level two rank period.

Pay to Get Listed or Get Buried

Fiverr extorts its sellers by pressuring them to promote their gigs. And by doing that you have to pay for them. It’s called promoted gigs. This means anyone who pays to promote their gig gets the very top ranking. Those who don’t pay to advertise their gig get pushed to the bottom.

Fiverr Success Stories

Unlimited Free Revisions or Extra Free Work

Many Fiverr success stories never show you the dark truth that Fiverr also forces their sellers to do unlimited revisions for their buyers and clients. That means it doesn’t matter whether the customer marks the order as complete two months ago, Fiverr will still force you to do revisions for free, or risk getting a negative score on your order completion rate, or get a negative review.https://community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/242786-automatic-unlimited-revisions/

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Kick You at any time for any reason

Fiverr also has a policy that allows it to kick any seller off the platform for whatever reason. That means that if your gig is no longer valuable, they will kick you off even if you follow all of their terms and conditions. An example of this is the funny boys. They had many gigs under humor and Fiverr, just phased out that branch, and many sellers lost money. Fiverr does not care about the sellers. To Fiverr, sellers are expendable assets. This picture shows how Fiverr views its sellers.

Fiverr Sucks Stop Your Gigs for Any Reason F*ck Fiverr The Dark Side Of Fiverr Success Stories - From a Level 2 5 Year Seller

The Darkside Of Fiverr Success Stories and Reviews

You see so many videos and articles praising Fiverr for being a wonderful place to work and purchase things because they get a hefty commission for anyone who signs up using the link. At the time of this writing, I believe it’s 10% of whatever they first purchase along with 10% of whatever they are buying afterward for an entire year. That’s a lot of money. Unfortunately, it doesn’t lead to many honest reviews about what it’s like to work on this platform.

fiverr sucks affilate commission F*ck Fiverr The Dark Side Of Fiverr Success Stories - From a Level 2 5 Year Seller

Fiverr Success Stories Don’t Tell YouCustomer Support Hates Sellers

One of the last things that are often never discussed in fiber reviews is that the worst part of Fiverr is that customer support only supports the customer. They will leave the seller out to dry. They’ll force a seller to do free revisions, get called horrible names, be abused, and still support the Custome.

Fiverr Sucks
Fiverr Marking own Marketing Image

Fiverr Takes 20% Gives nothing in return.

So the question is, if What if fiber gets 20% of your profits and gives you something of equal value? Then I have no problems with that. Fiverr used to give you a platform where you can list your work for free without paying for anything free hosting and support the sellers.

Now for that 20%, You don’t get anything get no support from customer support, and they always give you a hard time. You don’t get any free advertisement because you now have to pay to play right With promoted gigs. You have to get certified through the Fiverr Learn program, another play-to-play system to drain more of the seller’s money. You are still forced to do unlimited reviews and get little pay. It is simply better to open your website and create your courses. Or Sell your services. Don’t work for Fiverr as a Digital slave! If you want to learn how to start your business, check out more articles that will show you a better alternative. If you have your own website here are free ways to drive traffic to your website.

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