How Many Youtube Videos Should You Upload For Positive Results


How Many Youtube Videos Should You Upload

How many videos should you upload for your new channel this was a question I ask myself when I first started off and in my search for answers I just got more confused. Some said every four days, others said daily or once a week and in the end, I decided to go for it and do my own test because what works for these people back then may not work for me now.

I started my own case study by publishing a video daily for four and a half months to see if I would get any benefits. Such as views and watch time or other harder-to-measure things such as getting better at speaking and recording my voice.

The first couple of days was just brutal as I was completely new I had no prior experience with creating thumbnails or SEO, heck I don’t even record videos or and didn’t like to take that many photos so I was probably worse than most newbies starting out.

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How Many Youtube Videos Should You Upload – Second Month

My first month of publishing daily videos was just one learning curve after another learning curve. I didn’t really know how to write the description. I didn’t know how to add tags. I didn’t really know what software to use to create my thumbnail. I didn’t know much about animations whether it’s an intro or transition animation. My first month was more like fumbling around in the dark to figure out what tools I need to complete each task.

How Many Youtube Videos Should You Upload

My second month was dedicated to find better tools to create each task. I was still disappointed at this point at the poor results. I was only getting around maybe 10 to 15 views on a good day every 48 hours.

How Many Youtube Videos Should You Upload

I decided to give myself another month, but this time I was going to be smarter about it. I started by doing more research on other people in my field. I also joined some relevant online communities and forums. This way, I could not only learn from other peoples mistakes, but also share my own knowledge with others. After a month of dedication, I finally started seeing an increase in views

How Many Youtube Videos Should You Upload – Several Months Later

At the end of 4 and 1/2 months of publishing daily videos on my YouTube channel, the results were quite interesting. I did end up benefiting my channel but not in the way that I thought It would. Let me explain, the way I grew my channel was that I improved my skills in everything from thumbnail creation, video description, tags, titles, animation logo, transition animations and finally backlink building. So what ended up happening was for four and a half months I was getting roughly very little traffic maybe 25 views for 48 hours and no sales. But on the fifth month is when I started to see the results of 4 and 1/2 months and my video started getting better and instead of getting like 0 to maybe five views for the entire four months, I started getting views right away because all of the skill sets that I had improved start to pay off and it showed in my video production.

How Many Youtube Videos Should You Upload – Conclusion

So the short answer to your question is that if you start publishing videos and you see results such as traffic and conversions right away then there might not be a need to publish every single day. However, if you’re like me and you find that you get 0 views or very few views then that is a symptom of a lack of skills in either thumbnail, description, title tags, or backlink building and it might help you to publish every single day in order to improve your weak areas and identify them.

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